UK Slots

The range of UK slots that can be found online is fantastic with a host of excellent operators allowing users a safe and secure playing environment. This website aims to serve players as a guide into the most popular UK slots it will show users the best way to play these games and the premier operators to do so with. The different UK slots are designed on a range of different themes which are aimed to appeal to as many types of players as possible. The various themes that the UK slots are designed on include history based games, action and adventure, fantasy, sports and animated games. There are also many slots that are based on smash hit movies and television programs which allow players the chance to enjoy a game themed on their favorite film or show. The variety in choice of the UK slots presented to players is simply amazing and players are guaranteed to find a slot game that suits their interests perfectly. The range of games that are presented to players cover not only a range of all sorted themes but different styles of game play. The different styles of slots that’s players can choose are pub slots, 5 reel video slots, 3 reel video slots and progressive slots.

The various types of UK slots will appeal to players in different ways, one of the most popular types of slots are the pub slots. The pub slots offer a great playing experience which will remind players of the famous old school pub slot machines. One of the most famous pub slots is the excellent Cops and Robbers game which features only three reels and one win line making it very straight forward and easy for players to understand. This game places the player in the shoes of a thief trying to escape with the loot from a daring bank and jeweler’s robbery. The exciting theme is presented to players in exceptional fun animation which details lots of entertaining characters for players to look at. The game has a very exciting bonus round making it one of the most entertaining and enjoyable of all the UK slots on the market. There are a large range of different pub slots making up the total number of UK slots on the internet that players can choose from. This website guide on the best UK slots reviews five of the most popular pub slots available and the best online casinos for players to enjoy them.

The progressive jackpot slots that are included in this UK slots guide are the Mega Moolah and the Major Millions game. The progressive jackpot feature works by taking a small amount from each player’s bet and placing it into a communal fund between all of the users playing on the slot. The progressive jackpot is constantly displayed to players at the top of the games main screen and acts as a great incentive. The jackpot is usually a huge amount of money which offers a unique chance for players to change their lives. The Major Millions game is a hugely fun army themed UK slots featuring a very charismatic Major who has the potential to deliver great prizes. The other excellent progressive slot reviewed in this UK slots guide is the Mega Moolah game which places players on a safari crossing the African plains. This fine example of a UK slots is perfect for animal lovers as it features numerous different hugely popular African animals. The animals that are featured in the slot are all detailed in very stylish cartoon animation which adds a large element of fun to the game that players will love.

The other very popular types of UK slots are the games that are themed on hit movies which gives players the chance to play a game based on their favourite film. One of the most successful of all the movie themed UK slots is the excellent Lord of the Rings game. Fans of this hugely successful fantasy film trilogy will love the quality of this game and how it closely follows the story told in the film. The game is an example of some of the finest visual effects used in any of the UK slots as it includes sensational cinematic quality effects. The other movie themed UK slots that players can enjoy include the Rambo, Top Gun, Naked Gun, Terminator and Resident Evil games which all offer the opportunity to play a game based on their favourite movie. The Top Gun themed slot places players inside the cockpit of a American fighter jet in this Tom Cruise inspired game trying to destroy enemy aircraft. The game is full of excitement and players will love the fact that they can step into Tom Cruises shoes and fly a fighter jet. The Terminator slot is another hugely successful game that places players into the shoes of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s world famous character.

The other types of themed UK slots that are hugely popular with players are the action and adventure games that offer the chance to be transported on a wonderful adventure. The range of different adventure games is large and all offer various exciting expeditions to different parts of the world. One of the exciting adventure UK slots is the City of Gold game available at the Party Casino. This game offers players the chance to escape to the world of the Incas deep in the South American jungles. This is an amazing game that places the player on a dangerous quest through uncharted jungles to try and find the lost city of gold which will award the player with huge riches. This UK slots guide as well as reviewing the best slot games that are available to players from the comfort of their own homes looks at the best operators. The guide reviews four of the most prominent UK slots providers and looks into the different games that are on offer at each one. This guide also reviews each casinos customer support departments and their other features that maybe of interest to players.