Abra Kebab Ra

The Abra Kebab Ra slot game is one of the most popular and successful of all the UK pub slots as it offers a highly entertaining theme presented with excellent visual and sound effects. The theme of this excellent Abra Kebab Ra game is a very fitting food related theme featuring the nation’s favourite after pub meal the Kebab. This amazing Middle Eastern dish is very popular all over the UK with people after visiting their local pub wanting to partake in eating this delicious dish. The Abra Kebab Ra game is heavily influenced by the Middle East and features other themed elements like a genie and a lamp. The game oozes character and different themed elements that players will love including a bonus round listing all the names of various types of kebabs. The theme of the Abra Kebab Ra game is hugely entertaining and allows players to enjoy a slot that is based on one of the most fitting concepts of a pub slot possible. The word Kebab and pub go hand in hand which is something that players will recognize and find both amusing and fun. The theme of the game is accurately presented to players through stunning visual and sound effects.

The visual effects of the Abra Kebab Ra game are up there with the best of all the UK slots as it is a beautifully animated game with lots of nice details. The background of the game features the inside of a kebab shops window display showing all of the relishes and garnishing that can be placed inside the pita bread wrap. The background is drawn in a stylish cartoon animation and in a nice selection of colours that combine very nicely on the screen. The symbols that are used in the Abra Kebab Ra slot include the various different ingredients for a kebab like the pita bread, green chilies and the chef. The other symbols are all fruit related and include melons, plumbs, oranges, cherries and lemons which are all detailed in bright colours that look great on the screen. The final visual element of the Abra Kebab Ra slot is the title text which is placed at the bottom left of the screen. The title text is drawn in a Middle Eastern italic style font in a gold colour and has a large lamp behind it. This lamp and style of font in the Abra Kebab Ra game greatly enhances the games Middle Eastern theme.

The sound effects of the Abra Kebab Ra game are magical as they play enchanting themed Middle Eastern sounds to players. The various win lines all play a special sound that adds to user’s enjoyment levels in the Abra Kebab Ra game. The games only bonus round has a brilliant sound effect as a deep mysterious voice repeats the words Abra Kebab Ra to players to signify that the feature has been activated. The combination of the sound and visual effects in this pub slot are excellent and players will find them highly enjoyable as they create a great playing atmosphere. The fusion of the games visual elements is the highlight of the slot game for many players as they look fantastic on the screen. The quality of the visual effects and the cartoon animation can also be seen in the fantastic Alien Cash Attack game. The most important part of the Abra Kebab Ra slot is the game play that’s offered to players which is in keeping with most pub slots and is very interactive and a lot of fun. The format of the game is a three reel and one win line set up which is very straight forward and easy for players to master.

The easy format of the Abra Kebab Ra pub slot is one that all players will enjoy as it offers a no hassle or problem style of play for users. The game offers players the chance to hold reels at periodic times through the playing session and also offers them the chance to nudge reels. This level of interaction in the Abra Kebab Ra slot is excellent and players will really enjoy the chance to strategically hold and nudge reels. Players will also have the chance to gamble their nudges to gain more which involves a skilled guess where the light will be. The aim of the game is to line up three of the same symbols across the win line to create a winning combination. The different symbols in the Abra Kebab Ra game all pay out differing amounts to the player and these can be seen at the right hand side of the slot. The best symbol for players to manage to line up across the win line is the chef followed by the kebab as these both release excellent winnings. The style of play and winning aim in the Abra Kebab Ra game is very similar to the one in the Gold Mine game.

The Abra Kebab Ra game features one excellent bonus round that fan’s of pub slots will love as it is a very traditional style bonus feature. The bonus round can be activated if the player manages to spin in three symbols across the win line that feature a small lamp. If three lamps show on the screen in the Abra Kebab Ra game then the bonus round is triggered and the player is launched into a new screen. The bonus round in the Abra Kebab Ra game is brilliantly well animated featuring three ladders of features all placed on a themed kebab meat rack. The three different ladders of features increase in value the higher the player gets to the top. The bonus round is a game of higher or lower where the player is shown three different digits (under each column of features) and are asked to guess higher or lower. If the player guesses incorrectly the feature ends and if they guess correctly they climb the feature ladder. In conclusion the Abra Kebab Ra game offers players an excellent fun themed title with a great and exciting bonus round. The slot is brilliantly presented with very intricate cartoon animations that players will love.