Alien Cash Attack

The Alien cash attack slot is one of most well known UK pub slots and was a very common sight inside pubs across the UK. The slot has an excellent fun theme which is presented in bright and colourful animation that players will love. The Alien cash attack slots game play is very typical of a pub slot as it has a very interactive style of play where players have the opportunity to hold and nudge reels. The theme of the Alien cash attack game is one that tells the story of an alien visit to Earth. The aliens are far from unfriendly and instead of blasting lazars at humans their weapons are instead throwing cash at people. The fun theme featuring alien spaceships will grab user’s attention as an alien invasion is a subject that grabs a lot of people’s imagination. The thought of alien’s invaded earth is initially a scary one for most people but the games clever and fun theme of attacking earth with cash is hugely entertaining. The theme of the Alien cash attack game is also very fitting as the ultimate goal for players when they spin the reels is to win cash so the cash attack theme works really well.

The range of pubs slots are one of the most entertaining forms of UK slots as they are hugely interactive with their playing styles and offers very lighthearted and fun themes. The lighthearted theme is presented to players through stunning visual and sound effects which are hugely entertaining. The visual effects of the Alien cash attack slot are presented through the background, title text and symbols that are used. The background of the slot is one of the most impressive features in the game and shows a red and yellow animated display with stunning cartoon animation. The cartoon animation shows different humans smiling and waving cash whilst running around and the skies full of alien spaceships with happy aliens throwing the cash down. The symbols that are used in the Alien cash attack game are very traditional including various fruits and the bars, sevens and the bells. The symbols are all detailed in very strong vibrant colours and crystal clear quality which looks fantastic on the screen. The title text of the Alien cash attack slot is displayed at the bottom left of the screen in bright flashing colours and in a fun funky font. The title text spells the words Alien cash attack and then has a goofy cartoon animated alien next to the text to enhance the games theme.

The sound effects in the Alien cash attack game include different themed noises like lazars and lots of other high pitched chirpy noises being played. The various win lines in the game are all rewarded with their own sound effect that is played to greet them when they arrive on the reels. The sound effects add lots of quality to the games aliens theme and the visual effects of the slot combine brilliantly to create a great looking and sounding game. The visual and sound effects of the Alien cash attack game are of a similar high quality to the other brilliant pub slot the Gold Mine game. The games both feature a fun colourful cartoon style of animation that looks highly attractive on the screen. The next key feature of the Alien cash attack slot is the game play that’s presented to players as this controls a user’s enjoyment and money winning potential. The format of the Alien cash attack slot is typical of a pub slot as it operates on a very small format of three reels and one win line. The slots small format makes it easy for players to understand and master and is a very enjoyable game for beginners to play.

The aim of the Alien cash attack slot is to line up three of the same symbols across the win line which then awards players with free spins to take to the games bonus round. The different symbols in the Alien cash attack game all result in different amounts of free spins being awarded to the player. The symbols that award the most free spins are the logo and the bells symbol which are the best symbols for players to aim for. The Alien cash attack game includes both nudges and holds which is an excellent interactive bonus for players to use. The nudges when awarded flash on the left hand side of the screen and the player can gamble their nudges to increase their number. The challenge of knowing when to hold and when to nudge reels in the Alien cash attack game really tests player’s judgment skills. The games easy format is perfect for players as it is quick and easy to learn and is very fast flowing. The game as well as being easy to understand and learn has excellent interactive features which will really keep players entertained.

The playability of the slot and the format of its reels are very similar to the excellent Cops and Robbers game. The other game differs to the Alien Cash Attack slot only through the theme that’s offered as its game play is very similar. The Alien cash attack game only has one bonus feature but it is one that players will love. The bonus feature in the Alien cash attack game can be extremely lucrative and is activated when players manage to spin three of the same symbols across the one win line. The different symbol combinations all award differing amounts of free spins for the player to take into the bonus round. The bonus loads into a new screen and a three reel and five win line bonus game spins and awards the player with winnings. This round can be incredibly lucrative and is an excellent feature of the Alien cash attack game. In combination of the games fun theme and excellent animation alongside its very playable game play make it one of the most attractive slots on the market. The game can be enjoyed at the excellent Ladbrokes Casino slots along with numerous other great games.