Beat the Bank

The Beat the Bank slot is one most popular and highly played of all the UK slots and the reason for this is that players love the games fun and daring theme. The theme of the Beat the Bank game features a bank robbery and the contest between the robber and the police. This exciting theme is one which players will love as its bank robbery theme will capture their imaginations. The bank robbery setting is one of the most popular themes for a game to be based on as it something that is featured heavily in modern day films and stories. The Beat the Bank game cleverly places players into the shoes of the robber who has to crack the safe to gain access to the diamonds and money. The player as the robber must then escape from the clutches of the police to the end result of being much richer. The theme of the Beat the Bank game is highly exciting and quite unique in the fact that it offers players a chance to be on the wrong side of the law. If players want a slot game with a simpler theme then the Fruit Party game is an excellent option.

The physical elements that bring the Beat the Bank game to life include the visual and sound effects that are used in the game. The visual effects that are used in the game include the background, symbols and title text that are used in the slot. The background of the Beat the Bank game is great at enhancing the delivery of the games theme as it includes the inside of the bank vault. The inside of the vault is presented to players with quality cartoon animation in a crisp and clear colour scheme. The symbols used in the Beat the Bank game include various themed symbols like the robber and cop characters, diamonds, cameras, and vault map and safe. These themed symbols are all included in stunning cartoon animation and very vibrant colours which look fantastic on the screen. The traditional symbols in the Beat the Bank game include the 10, J, Q, K and A symbols that are delivered to players in strong colours and bold effects. The title text is displayed at top of the slots main page in a bold silver font that is very imposing and stands out nicely on the screen.

The combination of the three main visual elements of the Beat the Bank slot works brilliantly at creating a light hearted cartoon feel to the playing environment. The sound effects are a variety of electronic tones crafted together to create a very atmospheric playing environment. The noises are designed to enhance the games bank robbery theme and include safes locks banging and cages being closed. The different win lines in the Beat the Bank game all have their own sound effect that is played to signify the line has been activated. The games various bonus rounds also have their own individual sound effects that are played when the feature is activated. The combination of the visual and sound effects in the Beat the Bank game create a great playing environment and one that players will really enjoy. The effects are very similar to the ones found in the highly exciting City of Gold game that transports players to the other side of the world on an exciting adventure. The game play of the Beat the Bank game is highly exciting as it offers players the chance to play a five reel and twenty win lines slot.

The large amount of win lines available to select from gives players a lot of flexibility when they decide how many win lines to have active. The more win lines selected means the more chance they have of winning and the more expensive the spin of the reels is. The overall aim of the Beat the Bank game for players is to line up three, four or preferably five of the same symbols across one of the win lines. The various symbols in the Beat the Bank game all pay a different amount to the player and these amounts can be seen in the games pay table. The bonuses that are up for grabs in the Beat the Bank game allow players an amazing chance to raise their prize fund in fun and exciting ways. The bonus rounds that are available include the substitute, free spins and scatter bonuses. The first of these bonuses in the Beat the Bank game is the substitute bonus that is represented by the robber symbol. The robber symbol has the power to swap with other symbols in the game to create a winning line combination. This bonus dramatically raises a players winning chance making it an excellent bonus for players to unlock.

The free spins feature is also activated by the robber symbol, if the player manages to spin the robber into the second, third and forth reel at the same time then this feature is activated. The bonus in the Beat the Bank game is a gift of fifteen free spins paid at a multiplier of three which is a potentially very lucrative feature. The final bonus available to players in the Beat the Bank game is the excellent scatter feature which is represented by the safe symbol. The player needs to spin in three of the safe symbols to the screen to activate the feature. The safes when spun into the screen are then available for players to pick from and once one safe is picked it reveals a prize. The reveal a prize bonus in the Beat the Bank slot is an excellent feature that players will really enjoy. In conclusion the Beat the Bank game offers players a fantastic exciting themed slot game presented in fun cartoon animation that players will love. The game has excellent game playing features that offer a highly enjoyable style of play. The game is available from the excellent Party Casino that offers players a very safe and secure playing environment.