Cash Drop

The Cash Drop slot game is one of the most unique and inventive of all of the UK slots offering players a very different playing concept. The playing concept in the Cash Drop game differs from the other slots as there are no visible reels instead the symbols are presented with interconnecting hexagons. The theme of the game is one set in space and this is further demonstrated with the unique hexagon concept being an advanced form of slot game. The futurist theme of the slot manages to make players feel like they have been blasted off into space which is a wonderful effect. The Cash Drop game will appeal to fans of sci-fi films like Star Trek and Star Wars as these movies both feature futuristic space themes. The futuristic space theme of the Cash Drop game is an involving one and will not appeal to every player. If players would prefer a much lighter hearted slot game then the Fruit Party game is an excellent option. The Fruity game presents to the player fun animated fruit characters attending a disco which is a hilarious theme and idea to base a slot game on.

The Cash Drop slot has excellent visual and sound effects that players will love as they effectively deliver the games space age theme. The playing atmosphere that these effects manage to create is amazing and highly enjoyable. The visual elements of the slot include the background, symbols and the title text. The title text of the Cash Drop game is placed at the top left of the screen in a gold font surrounded with black. The title text really enhances the games science fiction and space theme which is an excellent effect. The symbols used in the Cash Drop game are presented in a way that’s different to other slots as they appear in the middle of a hexagon. The symbols represented in the game include the cherries, lemons, blackcurrants, melons, golden bells, bars and three different coloured sevens. These symbols are all presented in bright colours and in crystal clear quality that looks fantastic on the screen. The background of the Cash Drop slot is the inside of a space ship with silver around the outside and the middle shows outer space. The fusion of the background, symbols and title text creates an excellent looking slot game that players will love.

The sound effects of the Cash Drop slot are one of the games highlights are they manage through electronic tones to create a wonderful authentic space sounding game. The space noises are a very quirky feature of the game as they greatly enhance the user’s enjoyment of the slot. The various symbols create different winning line combinations and these are all greeted with a unique marvelous sounding effect. The combination of the visual and sound effects in the Cash Drop game make a fantastic sounding and looking slot game. The game play of the Cash Drop game is very unique in the way that it offers players an unrivalled playing experience through its reels and win line set up. The format of the game is essentially a five reel and twenty win line slot but the set up if very different as the appearance of the game shows connecting hexagons. The connecting hexagons look fantastic as they interconnect across the screen to create a mirage of symbols. The symbols in the Cash Drop game can by any way connect with each other to create a winning line which is a great fact for players to remember and aim for.

The first decision a player needs to make when playing Cash Drop is how many win line they want to spin the reels with. The more win lines that a player spins the reels with means the more expensive the spin is and the more chance they have of winning. The less win lines that are selected means the lower a players winning chances are and the cheaper the spin is. The various symbols in the Cash Drop game all pay a different amount to the player and these can be seen in the games pay table. The pay table is accessed at the bottom right of the screen and when pressed loads into a new screen to display all of the relevant information to the player. The seven symbols in the Cash Drop game represent the highest possible winning amounts and these are the best symbols for the player to focus on connecting. The different hexagons that present the symbols in the Cash Drop game all have different colours. If the player manages to line up a connecting win line of symbols in the same colour then a reaction is triggered which means the winning line is doubled.

The reaction as well as doubling a players winnings makes all of the symbols involved in creating a winning line disappear. The Cash Drop game then generates a new set of symbols with new hexagon colours which is a fantastic effect. The Cash Drop game features a scatter bonus that is represented by the golden seven symbols. If the player manages to spin in three, four or five of these symbols anywhere on the screen at any time then the player is awarded with a special bonus payment. The conclusion of the Cash Drop game is that it offers players a fantastic and very different playing experience. The game has a very unique concept and a brilliant space theme that are presented in excellent visual and sound effects. There are numerous winning opportunities for players in the Cash Drop game and these create a potentially very lucrative game. This slot game is available to players at the brilliant Party Casino where players have the choice of numerous other excellent games to choice from including the City of Gold game. The casino presents players with a safe and secure playing environment that is fully regulated by the appropriate governing body. The casino has a multilingual and highly trained customer support department offering a fantastic aid to players who have problems whilst playing the game.