City of Gold

One of the most exciting action and adventure themed UK slots is the excellent City of Gold game which transports players on an expedition deep into the South American jungle. The expedition is only for the bravest of explorers as they trek deep into the uncharted jungle to find an ancient lost city. The legend of the lost City of Gold is that that it holds enough wealth and riches to allow anyone who finds it to become vastly rich. The player on this exciting expedition can come into contact with dangerous tribes which are something that players have to be very weary off. The player on their quest will find lots of authentic tribal belongings like head masks and scriptures that can help them on the way to the City of Gold. The games exciting theme is one that players will love as they will relish the chance to escape on a life changing expedition through the South American jungle. The theme of the City of Gold game is a very high quality action and adventure game. If players want a simpler themed game then the Cash Drop slot is an excellent option as it does not over complicated themed elements.

The visual and sound effects in the City of Gold game manage to brilliantly create an excellent atmosphere that players will love. The visual effects of the slot include the background, title text and the symbols presented to players. The slots background greatly enhances the delivery of the games theme and is a green coloured display of trees and jungle foliage. The background really allows players to feel like they are off on an expedition deep into the jungle. The symbols used in the City of Gold game include the traditional 10, J, Q, K and A symbols which are presented in different bright colours. The themed symbols in the City of Gold game include the frog, jungle flower, tribal neck less, head mask, archway and temple. These themed symbols are all presented in strong colours and in quality bold style of animation that players will love. The title text of the City of Gold game is the visual highlight of the game as it is detailed in an apt gold coloured font with two tribal head masks either side. The combination of the symbols, title text and background results in a fantastic looking themed slot game that players will love.

The sound effects of the City of Gold game are fantastic and one of the slots best features. The background sounds are very atmospheric and feature different noises related to South American tribes. The various winning line combinations in the City of Gold game are all greeted with individual sound effects that sound fantastic in the game. The fusion of the sound and visual affects of the slot game results in a very authentic feeling adventure game with a quality themed atmosphere. One of the other games that have equally good visual effects is the LotsALoot game that offers players a great looking slot based on the legend of finding a pot of gold under the rainbow. The game play that the City of Gold game presents is excellent as the game has a fast flowing slot format and some great bonuses up for grabs. The format of the City of Gold game is a five reel and twenty win line set up offering players a good amount of choice of their win line selection. The player can choose between having one and twenty win lines active, the more win lines that are selected means the more chance a player has of winning.

The overall aim of the City of Gold game is for the player is to line up three, four or in the best case five of the same symbols from the left to the right across the win line. The various symbols in the City of Gold game all offer players a different payment and these prizes can be reviewed in the games pay table. The pay table when opened loads into a new screen where the player can clearly and concisely review all of the different relevant information available. The other way that players can win prizes in the City of Gold game is through the games two excellent bonus rounds. The first of the bonus rounds in the City of Gold slot is the substitute feature which is represented by the temple symbol. The temple symbol can swap with any other symbol on the board with the exception of the archway to create a winning line. The substitute bonus can dramatically help player’s chances of creating a winning line making it a great bonus for players to aim towards. The best combination of symbols for players to aim for in the game is five temples across a winning line as this unlocks a huge winning payment.

The final bonus available for players to aim towards is the brilliant scatter bonus which is potentially very lucrative. The scatter symbol in the City of Gold game is represented by the archway symbol, the player needs to spin in three of these symbols anywhere on the screen to activate the feature. The feature when awarded is fifteen free spins paid on a multiplier of three which is a great bonus for players to win. The combination of the two bonus rounds in the City of Gold game makes a potentially very lucrative slot game that players will love. The overall conclusion of the City of Gold game is that it offers players a highly exciting theme that fans of adventures will love. The adventure themed game is presented with quality visual effects which deliver a nice style of animation to players. The explorer theme of the City of Gold game is highly appealing but players may prefer a different type of game. If this is case then players may prefer a slot themed on a daring bank robbery like the Beat the Bank game. The bank robbery themed game places players in the shoes of the bank robber who is trying to escape from the cops with large loot which is a fun idea that the player will really enjoy.