Cops and Robbers

The Cops and Robbers game is one of the most famous and popular online UK slots ever released due to its huge notoriety in pubs across the UK. The game gained such large notoriety in pubs due to its exciting and fun theme as well as its excellent game play that it offers players. The inception of the internet meant that operators launched the game on an online platform to be enjoyed from the comfort of players own homes. The theme of the Cops and Robbers game features the timeless battle between the right and wrong side of the law. The player in the Cops and Robbers game is placed into the shoes of a robber who has just managed to get a whole bag of loot in daring raid on a jewelers and bank. The player as the robber must then escape with this loot from the coppers in a highly exciting and thrilling chase orientated game. The theme of Cops and Robbers was always hugely popular in pubs where the cliental would love the chance to escape with the stolen goods. The theme is an intricate one and if users would prefer a simpler and straighter forward game then the Joker 8000 slot is perfect.

The exciting theme of the Cops and Robbers game is presented to players with fantastic comic visual effects and equally good sound effects. The visual effects of the slot game consist of the background, title text and the symbols that are displayed to players. The background of the slot is a highlight of the whole slots performance as it looks absolutely brilliant with colourful cartoon animations filling the screen. The background consists of numerous different Cops and Robbers characters all running across a street chasing each other and looking hilarious with funny cartoon animated faces. The characters in the background are running out of a bank and jewelers which really enhances the delivery of the games theme. The symbols used in the Cops and Robbers slot are a mixture of traditional and themed symbols. The traditional symbols include the bars, sevens, melons and cherries and the themed symbols include the handcuffs, robber characters and police hat. These symbols are all produced in fantastic cartoon animation in bright and vibrant colours that look fantastic on the screen. The title text of the Cops and Robbers game is excellent as it includes a animated cop and a robber character stood on either side of the text.

The sound effects that are used in the Cops and Robbers game are one of the best features as they are themed noises including sirens ringing and the coppers voice shouting. The various winning lines all have their own sound effect that is played and the bonus round is signified by a voice shouting. The voice shouts in an English accent ‘come back here’ which is to portray the copper chasing the robber and is a great effect. The combination of the sound and visual effects in the Cops and Robbers pub slot work very well in creating a comic and lighthearted game that player’s will really enjoy playing. One of the other games that are finished to a similar high standard is the excellent Abra Kebab Ra slot which has the same excellent style of comic animation. The game play of the Cops and Robbers slot is very typical of a pub slot as it is very involving and includes nudge and hold features. The Cops and Robbers slot is played across only three reels and one win line making it very straight forward and easy for players to quickly learn. The player has the ability at periodic points during the game to nudge or hold reels to increase their chances of winning.
The opportunity for players to nudge and hold reels is a fun feature for players which tests their skill and judgment calls. The overall aim for players in the Cops and Robbers game is to line up three of the same symbols across the one win line to create a winning line combination. The various symbols in the game all pay out different amounts to the user and these can be seen in the background of the main screen. The best symbol for players to manage to spin into the reels is the robber symbol that pays at 500x stake. The second highest paying symbol is the police hat which pays at 80x stake to player. The Cops and Robbers game features one excellent bonus round that is both hugely exciting and highly lucrative. The bonus feature in the Cops and Robbers game can be triggered by the player managing to spin in three symbols anywhere to the screen with bags of loot on them. The bonus round when activated in the Cops and Robbers game launches players into a new screen which features a large ladder of boxes with flashing lights. The boxes all contain different prizes that the player can unlock in the game which can lead to excellent winnings for the player.

The bonus round places the player in the robber characters shoes who is running along the ladder of prizes trying to get higher where the prizes increase in size. The player must spin a number into a box and this indicates how many squares along the ladder of prizes they can run. The Cops and Robbers bonus round includes a copper character who is placed on the ladder behind the robber trying to catch them. If the copper catches the robber then the bonus round ends instantly which make the judgment call for players to continue playing or to collect the prize very important. The bonus round in the Cops and Robbers game if played wisely can be hugely lucrative for players. The slot game draws many similarities to the excellent western themed Gold Mine game as it requires the same level of skill and judgment calls. In conclusion the Cops and Robbers game offers players a fun and creative themed game that is presented with fantastic cartoon animation. The Cops and Robbers slot has an excellent bonus round which gives players the chance to leave the game with a healthy prize fund.