The Heist game is one of the most exciting and astounding of all the UK slots as it places players into the shoes of a high level criminal. If players are wondering what are UK slots then this title is a fantastic game for them to try as it features some of the best visual and sound effects on the market. The Heist game tells the story of Neil Quailand who is an international criminal who robs from banks and other high value locations like jewelers. Quailands career has gone very smoothly with him working for 7 years successfully stealing large amounts from high value locations without being caught. Neil Quailand does however have someone chasing him in the form of Detective Albert Kowalski who has always been several steps behind Quailand. Kowalski is desperate to catch him as he has dedicated the last seven years of his career trying to catch him. The Heist game places players in Neil Quailand’s shoes for his last robbery before he retires which features his biggest ever job. The Heist is a nine million pound bank vault and this large job will put him into retirement but he must manage to stay ahead of Detective Kowalski.

The Heist game like so many of the other excellent slot games on the market offer player’s outstanding visual and sound effects that present a fantastic playing atmosphere. The visual effects of the slot comprise of the background, title text and symbols. The game starts whilst the screen is loading with a narrator voiceover clip telling the story of Quailand and Kowalski’s relationship which sets the scene for players nicely. The background of the Heist game shows the inside of a vault which is very effective in enhancing the games theme and looks excellent on the screen. The symbols used are one of the highlights of the whole slots performance as they show different themed objects that would be used when conducting a robbery. The themed symbols include diamonds, piles of money, pistols, vault, C4, power drill, glass cutters, map of vault, stopwatch and the Quailand and Kowalski characters. These symbols are all produced on the screen in breathtaking clarity as they look fantastic with bright and vibrant colours. The various symbols in the Heist game when involved in creating a winning line perform a quality cinematic 3D movement. The title text of the Heist game is presented in a bright blue font that contrasts nicely to the rest of the slot and looks excellent.

The different parts of the slot game combine brilliantly to create a great looking game that players will really enjoy. The highlight of the Heist slots appearance is the cinematic 3D effect that is played when a win line is created as each different symbol has an individual effect. For example the 3D effect that is played for the power drill symbol features the drill burrowing into the wall. The sound effects that are played in the Heist game are fantastic as they feature short and sharp electronic tones that are designed to raise the tempo of the slot. The higher the tempo means that the playing environment is quicker and player’s pulses and adrenaline levels rise. The various win lines in the Heist game all have their own themed sound effect that are played to signify that they have arrived on the reels. The pistols when they arrive of the reels make a shooting noise and the drill makes a drilling noise which is an excellent added effect. The combination of the sound and visual effects in the Heist slot make an excellent atmosphere that’s authentic to its robbery theme. If players want a game with basic effects then the LotsALoot game is a great simply presented option.

The game play of the Heist game is the most important factor for players as it controls a user’s enjoyment of the slot game. The format of the Heist slot is a five reel and thirty win line game giving the player a large amount of choice over their win line selection. The player when they spin the reels with thirty win lines active has a large chance of creating a winning line combination. The different symbols in the Heist game all offer players varying winning amounts and these amounts can be seen in the games pay table. The pay table clearly and concisely displays all of the relevant information to players which is an excellent and necessary part of the game. The Heist game includes four different fantastic bonus rounds these include the glass cutter, vault feature and wild reels. These excellent four bonuses all present very lucrative opportunities to players and the first feature is the glass cutter bonus. The player when they manage to spin in three glass cutter symbols across a win line activate the feature and have to select one of the symbols to reveal a prize.
The next fantastic bonus that players can aim for in the Heist game is the scatter feature which is represented by the drill symbol. If the player manages to spin in three, four or five of the drill symbols to the screen then a bonus payment is awarded to the player. The wild feature dramatically increases players winning chances in the Heist game and is represented by the C4 symbol. The C4 symbol when used in creating a winning line automatically doubles the winning line payment for a player. The final feature in the Heist game is the excellent vault feature which is full of excitement and suspense as well as being potentially very lucrative. The vault feature is triggered when the player manages to spin in three vault symbols across a win line and is then taken to a new screen. The bonus places players in the shoes of Quailand robbing the inside of a vault before the Detective can catch him and put an end to the feature. The combination of the four brilliant bonuses in the Heist game makes it an incredibly exciting and potentially very lucrative game. If players want a game with similar excellent winning potential then the Fruit Party game provides an excellent option.