The range of UK slots available online is superb and one of the most exciting and darkest themed of those slots is the exhilarating Hitman game. The game was based firstly on a smash hit computer game released by Eidos that featured a main character who was an international assassin. The character was called agent 47 who took orders from a government organization who would instruct him with hits and targets to kill. Agent 47 is trained in numerous martial arts and is highly specialized in using an arsenal of amazing weapons. The Hitman game follows agent 47 on one of his deadliest missions and places the players in the shoes of this dangerous killer. The Hitman games theme is a brutal and highly exciting one that players will love as it offers the chance to play as a character that is very far removed from reality. The success of the Hitman computer game meant that Hollywood decided to release a smash hit movie based on the games. The movie has an amazing action and adventure feel to it and features some of the best acting talent in Hollywood. The film is full of spectacular explosions and action sequences that really raised Agent 47 public profile greatly.

The visual effects of the Hitman game are excellent as they include numerous different dark elements that manage to deliver the games scary overall atmosphere. The visual elements of the Hitman slot include the background, symbols and the title text which all combine to create a great looking slot game. The background of the Hitman game is a plain black which is done to enhance the menacing dark feel of the game. The symbols used in the slot are the visual highlight of the game as they include cinematic quality images that are a very high quality. The different symbols in the game include various weapons that agent 47 would use like a syringe, pistols, knives, strangling wire and machine guns. The other symbols include a laptop, money, 18 certificate and two images of the agent 47 character. The quality of the symbols is one of the highlights of the Hitman game as they look fantastic on the screen. The title text is taken directly from the famous game and film and is produced in a silver bullet colour at the top of the screen. The text features an image of agent 47 placed behind the text which looks very menacing as he dressed ready for action.

If players are choosing a slot and a want a game with a dark and menacing overall atmosphere then this Hitman game is an excellent option. The sound effects that add to this atmosphere are fantastic as they include the different guns being fired and people screaming which enhances the delivery of the games theme. The various winning line combinations in the Hitman game are all greeted with a unique sound which is an excellent effect. The bonus rounds in the Hitman game also include different sound effects that are played to signify they have been triggered to users. The overall combination of the sound and visual effects create a great and very atmospheric slot game that players will love. The most part of the games performance to users is the game play that is offers as this controls how easily and how much chance they have of winning. The format of the Hitman game is a five reels and fifteen win line game which is a moderate sized slot offering players a medium amount of flexibility. The overall aim for players in the Hitman slot is to line up five of the same symbols across one of these win lines to win a prize.
The first of the bonus rounds available to players in the Hitman game is the wild bonus which is represented by the agent 47 character holding two guns symbol. The agent 47 character has the ability to swap with any other symbol to create a winning line which really increases players winning chances. The next bonus in the Hitman game is the scatter feature which is triggered if the player manages to spin in three 18 symbols to the screen. The player by doing this will be awarded eighteen free spins that are paid on an attractive multiplier of three. These two bonuses in the Hitman game are very attractive and can really help a player’s prize fund. One of the other slot games with a similar bonus structure is the City of Gold game that whisks players off on an adventure searching jungles for a secret ancient city. The final bonus in the Hitman game is the incredible secret mission bonus that players can activate by spinning a laptop of insignia logo onto the screen. The bonus when triggered launches players into a new screen where they are displayed an amazing cinematic clip and get to take part in a hugely enjoyable bonus.

The secret mission bonus in the Hitman game involves the player being shown a clip which details a deadly mission where a target must be taken down. The player must accept the mission and if successful will have their prize fund heavily rewarded which is a fantastic motivation. The bonus has a high quantity of action content and is very exciting this combined with the fact it can be highly lucrative makes it an excellent feature. The three different bonuses and the fifteen win line set up combine to make the Hitman game free flowing with excellent winning potential for its players. The theme of the Hitman game is very exciting and the cinematic quality clips included in the slot make it a highly enjoyable playing experience. If players want to try another slot game that is themed around breaking the law the brilliant Heist game is a good option. The Heist slot involves a daring bank robbery and features the cat and mouse battle between the robber and detective. In conclusion the Hitman game offers brilliant winning potential as well as a highly exciting theme presented with first class visual and sound effects.