Joker 8000

The Joker 8000 slot is a very famous and well known pub slot that has been seen in pubs around the world for many years. The slot because of its huge popularity in pubs around the world has since its launch to an online platform been immensely popular with players enjoying it from the comfort of their own homes. The Joker 8000 slot is an excellent example why UK slots are doing well as it combines a simple style of play with excellent money winning potential. The theme of the Joker 8000 slot is a simple one based on the very famous joker character who is a hugely famous figure from the English medieval days. The joker used to be summoned by the king to perform in front of an audience of his most wealthy subjects to provide them with jokes and comedy. The king aspect of this theme is also represented in the slot game and the other element of the Joker 8000 games theme is the joker card from a pack of playing cards. The split theme of the pack of playing cards and medieval jester is an excellent part of this simple but exquisitely finished game.

The simple playing cards and medieval jesters theme is delivered to players with outstanding authenticity. This authenticity is achieved through simple visual and sound effects that deliver the games theme very cleverly. The slot visual appearance consists of the outline of a slot machine with the background being a blurred image of the inside of a pub. The Joker 8000 slot machines appearance is wallpapered black and red spades which enhance the games delivery of the playing card theme. The symbols used in the Joker 8000 game are a visual highlight of the slot as they are very crisply and clearly produced onto the games screen. The symbols include the melons, lemons, cherries, bars, crowns and jokers which are all displayed in bright and vibrant colours. The title text of the Joker 8000 slot is displayed to players at the bottom right of the games screen in a gold colour. The title text also has a crown placed on top of it and this combined with the gold text creates a very regal feel and enhances the delivery of the games theme. The combination of the title text, symbols and background results in a very visually appealing end outcome for the Joker 8000 game.

The sound effects that are incorporated to the Joker 8000 game are very simple electronic tones that do not overcomplicate the game in any way. The sound effects are played every time the reels are spun and when a winning line is created different tones are played to signify it happening. The different winning lines in the Joker 8000 game are all greeted with individual sound effects that really add value to the slots performance. The overall fusion of the visual and sound effects in the Joker 8000 slot are a direct recreation of the original slot machines found in land based pubs. If players would prefer a more attractive slot with higher specification visual and sound effects then the Mega Moolah game is a great option for them. The Mega Moolah game includes cartoon animated animals that are drawn in bright colours that stand out and look great on the screen. The game play of the Joker 8000 slot includes the slots format and the different interactive playing features including the games bonus round. The format of the slot is a three reel and five win line game which is very low and therefore easy for players to understand.

The Joker 8000 slot unlike many of the other pub slots does not include any hold or nudge features making the game much simpler for players. The overall aim of the Joker 8000 game is to line up three of the same symbols across one of the five win lines to create a winning line combination. The various symbols in the game all pay out different amounts to the player and these amounts can be seen at the top of the screen. The premier symbol for players to manage to spin in is the joker symbol which has a huge reward attached to it. The next two excellent symbols are the crown and then the bar which all offer great returns. The Joker 8000 game includes a very lucrative gamble feature which presents players with a fifty / fifty chance bet and is available after every winning spin of the reels. The gamble feature works by the red and black playing cards flashing and the player having to stop the flashing light on the correct card. If players guess the gamble feature in the Joker 8000 game correctly then they double their winnings and if they guess it incorrectly they lose everything.

The Joker 8000 slot has one bonus feature which is another set of reels at the top of the main screen called the super game. The super game can be activated when the player manages to achieve a minimum of twenty credits on the bottom game. The twenty credits are needed as one spin of the reels in the super game costs the player twenty credits which is very expensive. The super game in the Joker 8000 slot has huge winning potential and players can finish the playing session much richer if they use the feature wisely. The overall conclusion of the Joker 8000 pub slot is that it offers players a simple theme and presents this theme in very clear visual effects with no thrills. The Joker 8000 game is a fine example and addition to the range of UK slots as it offers simple game play with excellent winning potential. The game along with a collection of other pub slots can be found at the Ladbrokes casino slots where players can enjoy a safe and secure playing environment. The casino also has a first class customer support department and will be able to assist players with any problems they encounter when using the slot.