The LotsALoot game is one of the more simple themed UK slots featuring a huge progressive jackpot feature that presents the potential to change a player’s life. The theme of the LotsALoot game is one based on rainbows and lucky charms as the game features items and objects geared around this theme. The story behind rainbows having a pot of gold at the end of them is a very superstitious story and legend about the Irish Leprechauns. The legend states that the Leprechauns used to hide their pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and this legend has been passed down through generations. The theme of the LotsALoot game is centered on this ancient legend and includes other famous Irish lucky charms like the four leaf clover. The LotsALoot game will inspire players to dream of collecting a pot of gold and is a very fitting theme for a game featuring a progressive jackpot. If players want to try a slot with a more involving and exciting theme than the one on offer here then the Hellboy slot is a great option. The Hellboy game is an excellent slot game that features a devilish main character trying to expel earth of evil paranormal creatures.

The visual and sound effects of the LotsALoot game are simple but very effective in delivering the games theme to players. The sound effects of the slot include a variety of electronic tones crafted together to make a great sounding slot game. The winning line combinations in the slot all play a unique and individual sound effect that players will love. The visual effects of the LotsALoot game include the background, title text and symbols that are offered to players. The background of the slot is very plain featuring a two tone blue colour presented in stripes which looks excellent on the screen. The symbols in the LotsALoot game are also Rainbow themed as have multi-coloured effects running through them. The symbols include the 7, 10, J, Q, K and A which are all detailed in a variety of colours and in a crystal clear quality finish. The other symbols in the game include the bar, four leaf clover, pot of gold and logo symbol. The title text in the LotsALoot slot is one of the cleverest visual effects as it detailed in a range of colours with a rainbow behind it looking amazing on the screen.

The combination of the different visual elements of the LotsALoot game works brilliantly as the game is simple and still highly visually appealing. The overall atmosphere created by the sound and visual effects work really well at creating a pleasant overall environment for players. The game play of the LotsALoot game draws many comparisons to the excellent Major Millions slot which offers a similar structure of bonus rounds. The games both offer an excellent progressive jackpot that is awarded in both slots in a very similar fashion. The format of the LotsALoot game is a five reel and twenty five win line game where players have a lot of flexibility over their win line selection. The first decision a player must make when playing the slot game is how many win lines they want to spin the reels with active. The more win lines selected means the more expensive the spin is and the more chance they have off winning. The less win lines that the players selects in the LotsALoot game means the less chance they have of winning. The player must select twenty five win lines if they wish to stand a chance of claiming the progressive jackpot.

The overall aim for players is to manage to line up adjacently from the left to the right across the win lines three, four or five of the same symbols. The more symbols that the player manages to line up in the LotsALoot game means the higher the payment awarded to the player. The best symbol for the player to create a winning line combination with is the LotsALoot symbol followed by the pot of gold symbol. These two symbols pay out massive amounts to the player and the more symbols lined up means the higher the amount that is paid out. The first of the two bonus rounds up for grabs in the LotsALoot game is the wild feature which is represented by the logo symbol. The logo symbol has the power to swap with any other symbol in the game to create a winning line which dramatically raises players winning chances. The best and most sort after feature in the LotsALoot game is the progressive jackpot feature which offers players the chance to win a life changing amount of money. The progressive jackpot works by taking a small percentage of each player’s bet and placing it in a communal fund that can be won.

The progressive jackpot amount is always displayed to players at the top of the games screen which acts as a great motivator for players to continue playing and to try and be lucky. The jackpot in the LotsALoot game can be triggered by the player spinning five of the logo symbols across the twenty fifth win line. If the player manages to this they are awarded with a life changing amount of money which is an amazing achievement. In conclusion the LotsALoot game offers a sensational chance for players to win a life changing sum of money. The game has numerous win lines which creates a good amount of flexibility for players but has a lack of other bonus rounds making it a very fast flowing game. The LotsALoot game can be enjoyed at the excellent Ladbrokes casino slots which is an amazing online casino offering a great playing environment. The LotsALoot game is one of many slots on offer at the Ladbrokes casino which displays its collection of titles clearly and concisely to players. The Ladbrokes casino is fully regulated by the appropriate governing bodies and offers a fair pay out rate to its players.