Spin Palace Casino Slots

The Spin Palace Casino slots over some of the most fantastic UK slots available on the market place and can be played in either flash or download format. The player having the choice between flash and download games is excellent as they can find a way of playing that suits their personal preference. The type of players who prefer playing the Spin Palace Casino slots in flash will generally not like downloading files onto their computer. The players who prefer download games may have intermittent internet and find that when the games are downloaded they offer a better level of performance. If players are new to slot games and are wondering what are UK slots then the Spin Palace Casino slots is a great place for them to experience these games and see what they have to offer. The range of different themed games available from Spin Palace casino slots is simply fantastic as there is huge variety of concepts and storylines available. The choice available to players does not only consist of different themes but of various slot formats and categories of games. These main categories of slot games are five reels, three reels or progressive slots including lots of different win line combinations to choose from.

The range of Spin Palace Casino slots are produced by software powerhouse Microgaming who are famous for producing some of the most famous slot games of all time. The first category of slot game offered by Spin Palace Casino slots are the progressive jackpot games which give players the chance to win a life changing sum of money. The progressive machines work by collecting a small portion of every players bet and placing it into a communal fund that can be won. One of the most successful and popular progressive games available online from Spin Palace Casino slots is the great Major Millions game. The Major Millions slot is one of the finest of all the progressive games as it not only offers a life changing prize fund but also a great and fun theme for players to enjoy. The theme of the game is based on the armed forces and a charismatic Major who is commanding his troops who operate in the air force, navy and army. The game is animated in a fun cartoon style that is very visually appealing and also features excellent themed sound effects. The game is one of around twenty excellent progressive games that can be enjoyed at the Spin Palace casino slots.

The other slots that can be enjoyed at the Spin Palace Casino slots include a huge variety of different three and five reel themed games. The large amount of themed games is designed to cover a wide range of different player’s interests so that every player has a game perfectly suited to them. The different types of themes that can be found at the Spin Palace Casino slots include movie themed games, action and adventure, fantasy, animated, history and animal related games. The movie themed games available from Spin Palace Casino slots give players a unique chance to play a game based on their favourite film. One of the most highly played and critically acclaimed games available at Spin Palace casino slots is the excellent Hitman game that places players in the shoes of a very successful international assassin. The assassin character is known as agent 47 who players will recognize as the bald main character from the smash hit action films. The other movie themed games that players can enjoy include the brilliant Tomb Raider game staring Lara Croft. This game offers users the chance to escape on a quest for gold to distant and exotic lands which is something players will really enjoy the chance to do.

The other themed titles that can be found at the Spin Palace casino slots include the excellent sports themed games. The sports themed games will really appeal to fans of the specific sports featured in each of the games and these include both tennis and soccer slots. The tennis game available at the Spin Palace casino slots is the Centre Court game which takes the player to Wimbledon to compete for the grand slam title. The football themed game from Spin Palace casino slots is called Soccer Safari which features the world’s most popular sport combined with the chance to win fantastic sums of money. The other very popular types of game available are the fantasy games that include Witches Wealth and Thunderstruck. These two games offer a unique and fun playing experience that take players to a fantasy imagery land offering a good form of escapism for players. One of the most unique slot games available online is the excellent Cash Drop slot that presents a game in a different format with great visual and sound effects. This game offers a very different challenge to the others found at Spin Palace casino slots and can be highly recommended for players wanting a unique challenge.

The Spin Palace casino slots were first launched in 2001 and have since grown into one of the largest and most successful of all the online casinos. The operator has remained true to their casino routes and do offer any other products like sports betting or bingo. The specialized casino product offering means that the casino offers a very high level of service dedicated on their casino games. The Spin Palace casino slots are very popular in a huge number of countries all over the world with a very large number of registered players enjoying the games. The Spin Palace casino slots are supported with a fantastic customer support department that helps players in a variety of different languages. The department offers their players support twenty four hours of the day and seven days of the week meaning players are always assisted. There are over one hundred different Spin Palace casino slots available to players but there are also numerous different casino table games for players to try. The casino table games available to players to try include roulette, baccarat and blackjack among numerous others. The casino also offers over fifty different video poker games for players wanting to try their luck with cards.