UK Casino Slots

The range of UK casino slots available to players is simply phenomenal as there is a large collection of excellent slots covering a wide range of themes. The UK casino slots come in many different formats with 5 reel and 3 reel games available to players as well as progressive jackpot slots. The different styles of slot format that are available means that players can find a game that perfectly fits with their preferred style of play. The quality of the UK slots on the market place is excellent and there are numerous trustworthy and quality operators presenting these games. The operators mentioned in this website guide are all fully regulated which means they have been fully checked by the appropriate governing body. The governing body checks the casinos pay out rates to ensure their collection of UK casino slots give players a fair and good chance of winning. The best and most impressive part of the UK casino slots that are available is the huge variety of themes that are offered. The variety means that players can find a game that is perfectly suited to them and matches their personal interests. The range of themes covered includes action and adventure, fantasy, history, animated and traditional games.

The other themed UK casino slots include the games that are based on smash hit movies and television programs. This type of themed game makes some of the most popular slots as they give players the chance to take on the roles of their favourite character in slot format. One of the most popular slot games that’s based on a hit movie is the excellent Hellboy game which gives players the chance to take on the role of a huge red monster. The story behind this amazing and very successful UK casino slots is one of a superhuman character bought to earth from hell that battles with paranormal creatures. This dark and scary theme is one that certain players will love and the slots impressive array of bonus features make the game very appealing. The other movie themed UK casino slots include the excellent Lord of the Rings game which is themed game based on the popular fantasy movie trilogy of all time. The visual and sound effects used in this game are of cinematic quality and players will love the different action shots that are directly from the film. The visual effects in this game are of the highest standard and better than any of the other UK casino slots that are on the market.

The UK casino slots that offer players the biggest winning potential are the various progressive jackpot games. The progressive jackpot games give players the chance to win a life changing sum of money and prizes of over ten million have previously been won. The progressive UK casino slots work by taking a small portion from every player’s bet and placing it into a communal jackpot fund. One of the most popular progressive jackpot games is the excellent Mega Moolah game that is themed on an African safari. The game gives players an amazing chance to disappear off to Africa and spot numerous amazing animals like Zebras, Lions, Buffalo and Monkeys. The game is one of the finest of all the UK casino slots and has been a one of the highest played games for over five years. The jackpot feature is completely random and can be activated at any time during a playing session much to the players delight. The jackpot features takes players to a new screen where they see a spinning wheel and have to stop the wheel on one of three jackpots. The various progressive jackpot games are some of the best UK casino slots on the market and have excellent potential for players to reach great winnings.

The other hugely popular games are the five reel video slots which are the most commonly found UK casino slots on the market. The range of excellent games gives players a huge amount of choice and options so that different types of players are appealed to. One of the most popular of all the UK casino slots is the brilliant Thunderstruck game from Microgaming which gives players the chance to play a game set up in the clouds alongside the Gods. The games intricate theme includes different ancient Greek god characters that have special powers which the slot cleverly features its bonuses on. One of the excellent five reeled UK casino slots is the amazing Spiderman game which gives players the chance to immerse themselves into the world of the Marvel comic book star. The player has the chance to be Peter Parker as he transforms into Spiderman to save the beautiful Mary Jane from the evil Venom character. There are several other UK casino slots themed on Marvel comic book stars like the King Kong, Thor, Fantastic Four or Hulk games. These games are all presented with great comic book style animation and offer highly exciting adventures to players.

These amazing UK casino slots are available at are available at a variety of operators set up to cater for players needs. One of the popular and highly successful online operators is the fantastic Spin Palace Casino slots as they provide players with a dedicated and high performing casino environment. The casino is fully regulated which ensures that players are given a fair chance of winning when they play the slots. The casino offers a variety of other games including live casino games like roulette and blackjack and numerous other excellent titles. The Spin Palace casino has an award winning customer support department who are able to deal with players queries in multiple languages. The department offer specialist support twenty four hours of the day on the various UK casino slots which is an excellent advantage for players. The amount of different UK casino slots that are available is simply amazing and players can find numerous slots that will match their personal interests. This website guide aims to serve players who are looking for a suitable place to enjoy their favourite UK casinos slots and offers advice on how to best play the games.