UK Pub Slots

One of the most attractive concepts for players of all the online UK slots is the fantastic range of UK pub slots that are available to players. These online games recreate the particular special format of slot machines that can be found in pubs across the UK. The most famous feature that pub slots have that differentiates them from other casino slot games is the small format that they are presented on. The UK pub slots usually have only three reels and one win line or other low amounts of win lines. This low amount compared to the large set up offered on the casinos video slots is a large contrast for players. The UK pub slots also differentiate themselves from other online slots by offering hold and nudge options on the reels. These hold and nudge options raise user interaction with the slot and increase the amount of skill and judgment that a player needs to have when playing. The UK pub slots have less in quantity of bonus features than some of the other slots but the bonus rounds that are available are excellent. The bonus rounds have a distinct style to them which raises interaction and excitement levels for players.

One of the most famous of the all the UK pub slots is the excellent Cops and Robbers game which gives players the chance to indulge in this age old battle between these two foes. The game is beautifully animated with great cartoon animation that brings the theme and story to life. The game features some of the recognizable UK pub slots characteristics including both a hold and nudge option and an excellent bonus round. The bonus round when activated features the player being placed into the shoes of a robber who is being chased by a copper. The player must race along a ladder with the loot to reach the top where they win the top prize however if the copper manages to catch the robber they instantly. The bonus round is highly exciting and is one of the reasons that this UK pub slots is such a huge success. The game offers players the chance to enjoy a brilliantly well animated slot game with an excellent theme. This example of a UK pub slots is excellent as it accurately recreate the easy to play and quick to learn format that made it so popular in pubs across the UK.

The range of UK pub slots is very varied with numerous other excellent titles available to players. One of the most popular of these excellent UK pub slots is the brilliantly and imaginatively themed Abra Kebab Ra game. This game whisks players off to the Middle East and presents a game themed on the most famous of dishes the Kebab. The kebab theme is very fitting for a UK pub slots as this is the traditional food for people to enjoy after an evening spent boozing at the local pub. The fun kebab theme features lots of clever elements including the games symbols being types of fillings. The bonus round of this excellent UK pub slots is a highly exciting higher and lower feature. The feature includes players trying to reach the most elaborate type of kebab at the top of the higher and lower ladder to unlock the best prize. The game is brilliantly well animated and features lots of Middle Eastern influences like a lamp and genie character as well as all the kebab elements. The game includes nudges and hold options and only one challenging bonus round making it a very traditional pub slot offering.

One of the UK pub slots that typically offer players a high level of user interaction is the excellent Alien Cash Attack game. This excellent and fun example of a UK pub slots is themed an Alien attack on Earth where Aliens attack the citizens of Earth with cash. This fun theme lets player’s imaginations and fantasies run wild as they imagine this actually happening and how amazing that would be. The visual and sound effects that are used in this UK pub slots are excellent as they show fun cartoon animations of people waving cash and cheering at the aliens overhead. The game features both nudges and holds which is very typical for a UK pub slots as it creates a high level of interaction and therefore enjoyment. The next very important part of this slot is the bonus round that’s offered and this can be unlocked when players manage to spin three matching symbols across the three reels and one win line. The bonus round is shown in a new screen and features a three reel and five win line game which can add heavily to a players prize fund. The game is typical of a pub slot as it has brilliant fun and lighthearted feel to it as well as being easy to play and understand.

This excellent range of UK pub slots is available to players at the brilliant Ladbrokes casino who are the UK’s oldest bookmaker. It is fitting that the very traditional UK pub slots are available from the longest established English betting company who offer a superb level of service to its players. The casino is fully regulated meaning that all of the UK pub slots offer a fair pay out rate so that players are guaranteed a fair playing session. The casino also offers a twenty four hour customer support department that are able to deal with players queries in regards to playing the various UK pub slots. The range of pub slots is all fantastically well animated in cartoon designs and finished in bright and vibrant colours. The games all have excellent themed sound effects which raise player’s enjoyment levels drastically. One of the games with really fantastic sounds effects is the Alien cash attack slot which plays themed lazar sounds every time a winning line is created. In conclusion the games all offer great themes and very interactive styles of play where players can nudge and hold symbols which is highly enjoyable.